The Illusion of Fear

The Illusion of Fear


Fear is a creation of the mind, an illusion! It drips in bit by bit to the point that we stop ourselves from being who we truly are. Why do we listen to rubbish that feeds our minds with more and more fear?

What is it about fear we are willing to give up and run away? We forget who we are, what we are doing or being. We start to doubt life, ourselves and our abilities, we feel small and incapable, then we run or hide. We even make ourselves sick with this Illusion called Fear.

Fear is an illusion, it is a lie to keep you small, to keep you in the box, controlled.  Answer and acknowledge a power in fear and you will create ever growing blocks and limitations for yourself.

Can you remember the last time you really wanted to do something, but didn’t do it? What was it that stopped you, what turned you off the idea? Was it that voice inside your head?

The mind chatter that invades your head, confirming the fear, making it the most significant thing in your life, giving you all the reason why you should fear what you are fearing, and it gets loader and loader, and more intense, and more intense. Oh we have all been there.

What if this mind chatter is not really yours, not your thoughts? What if you are picking up on stuff just floating on the universal plain, the collective consciousness. Have you ever had a brain wave and the person beside you said it at the same time your saying the same thing, you know what I’m talking about, I know you do. Was that your thought or was it theirs?, or was it just on a thought on a cosmic wave, waiting to be found, and expressed?

We are so capable, we have amazing abilities that we deny having and using, yet we use them everyday but we like to believe it is something else, if we can’t see it, it does not exist.

So fear, is it real at all, because at some stage in life we all have overcome some type of fear. Tell me what was at the other side of that fear, that  you saw as impassable? Was it as bad as you thought? And as you transcended that fear, what happened?

What replaced the fear? Was it excitement? was it amazement or exhilaration, or pure joy? Many time we misidentify the energy that is in our bodies, we have names that imply one thing but it’s another, as a child we may have been misinformed, and we have locked it into us.

Butterflies in your tummy have to mean fear, it could not be excitement – or could it? ?

Fear is placed in your life from a very early age in childhood and then reinforced and reinserted all the way through your life. This reinforcement shows us how real it is, and it becomes more and more real as we are not willing to look at it.

Picture yourself in Sydney, and you are heading to Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Butterflies come in, and your mind brings you to your fear of height and you run away and you miss out on spectacular views, the experience of a lifetime. What have you gained? What have you missed out on?

Now see yourself well over half way and the views and the sense you get from being where you are, and knowing you maneuvered around that barrier that is fear, look back, is that fear there, can you see that block now, hell no, you are buzzin. The fear was a lie, something made up.

Fear, It isn’t real unless we create it to be. It doesn’t have power over you unless you give it the power. It doesn’t rule your life unless you let it rule your life. You have the key, you have the controls, is time to take back your life, and follow your dreams?

Are you ready to step into who you true are, and be that in totality and create the magic that is you? You are on a high, loving every minute in total joy and excitement.

When fear pops up, I remind myself that behind that wall, that barrier is my desired life and living and my dreams. We must stay fully present with what we call fear, we need to study everything about it, what it looks like, feels like, what it does to you, how it starts, what is involved, be with this fear, what thoughts bring it, and what it brings, what choices and actions do we take. The action of avoiding is the fear itself, so not avoiding it makes it vanish, and you transcend it. Fear is simply a choice. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Walk toward and through it and it is gone.

I have too many tools that I use to ease that movement past these blocks and fears, If you would like more information or a skype coaching session please get in contact.


Stress Stress Stress Stress Stress Stress Stress

Feeling your Pulse galloping?

Brow furrowed?

Beads of sweat on the forehead?

Barely able  to breathe?

Is it time to change something?


When the pressures and demands exceed your capabilities, stress and anxiety soon raise their ugly heads. Stress was something I never thought I would ever suffer from or even though I was effected by.  If anything stress made me operate in a more effective manor, especially in work and college, give me a deadline and I worked in the most effective way possible, even without thinking, everything just went into flow, go go go and I was buzzing on it, at work it was like a dance. After years of the same thing stress was not even a word I would use to describe my work, as I enjoyed it.

Then a different stress came into my life, an emotional stress, from worrying about a family member who had become ill, and all that came with this. I had to take leave from my job, and care for her until she passed away. I coped with all that, when I returned to work, my bosses were not very nice, and treated me shockingly. I ended up at my doctors in floods of tears and he just looked at my in surprise as he’d seen me for months, and he saw how i coped in a very stress filling situation. He put be off work, on work related stress, and I remained off for about 18 to 24 months. It was the two  different stresses hitting, like a train crash, they collided and knocked me off the tracks.

There are so many different types of stress, and so many ways of naming them an I’m not even going to try to do that here. We can cope with so much short term stress, but when the short term stress becomes a normal everyday thing, (shall we call it chronic stress ) and we do not address it. The worst thing about chronic stress is that people get used to it. They forget it’s there. They ignore it because it is old, familiar, and sometimes, a place of comfort.  Long term this type of stress can create many physical illness, as well as mental issues. Stress often kills via suicide, violence, heart attack, stroke and even cancer. Most disease is causes by stress, Just look at the word Dis-ease.

So since I fell off the tracks I went on an adventure of self healing and self discovery and when I found something I liked and found it worked I trained in it, I don’t do things by half. I have changed my whole life, I am sitting here, smiling, happy, little or no stress, and how did I get so lucky?

If you would like to step off you need to devise a plan and take some actions which can get you back on track, or at least get you heading in the right direction. Wallowing in despair, spinning in circles will never solve or change what is going on. Reducing  chronic stress is a must, and bringing stress into balance.

Once I started moving in the right direction after six months I saw a big difference after nine months to a year I found myself smiling to myself driving my car all alone for no reason, yes smiling ear to ear, stress free, in total ease and joy.

What have I used, so many things, but what has worked for me, Access Consciousness bars and body work, Energy Healing, Personal Coaching, Dance, and Sound Healing with Tibetan bowls.

Reducing stress addresses a lot more than you may think, so if you are ready to choose this, get in contact.

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Happy people realise happiness is a Choice.

Do you wake up happy every day?

Or do you wake up with the darkness of depression, judgment, worry, is anxiety weighing you down and keeping you stuck and unhappy?Do you see no way out, and everyone around you are their thoughts, feelings and emotions solidifying your unhappiness?

Do you love to laugh? Do you like the sense of joy, the feeling of bliss? Do you relish the feeling of happiness? What does happiness look like to you?Image

Okay, If your mind is now saying, what the hell is this person on about and you are about to shout, cry, or close this page, as you know that the darkness will never lift, happiness is not something that happens to you, just know that I get it, I’ve been there, and I’ve changed it.

We have the power to make ourselves happy, we just require the awareness and knowing that this is a possibility. So are you ready to be happy, to create a happy life and living? To create a phenomenal life and living, not just surviving but thriving!

Are you willing to make a choice in this ten seconds to start moving towards happiness instead of moving away from it? Happiness is a choice. In this moment are you willing to choose to be happy?

Do you know when you are happy? What is you expectations? Have you made happiness so significant that you don’t recognize it anymore? Start noticing what being happy feels like, what energy comes up, what are the physical sensations?

Once you start observing yourself and noticing what you sense you will start to know what happiness is. When you catch yourself being happy it might be very subtle, it can just be a smile, a lightness, perhaps your body feels more relaxed. It can feel like a buzz of constant energy flowing around and though the body, and you start smiling from the inside. It can be a tickle, or giggle!

What if you have been misidentifying and misapplying happiness as something else? Could you actually be happy and calling it sadness, fear, worry, stress, down time, anxiety, grief?

A primary cause of unhappiness is the monkey mind, the inner chatter, it is never the situation but your thoughts about it. Be aware of your thoughts. Everywhere you align and agree or resist and react creates points of view. Once you buy this point of view as true for you, it creates and locks in limitations and change is no longer possible. Knowing this empowers you to know that happiness is a choice we make.

Another interesting point is that happiness comes from with in, and if you are to build happiness as something sustainable we need to be able to enjoy your own company, to embrace everything about yourself. When you can make yourself happy no one can take it away from you, as you are the key to your own happiness. This is the most important step towards being a happy person.

If you could see how amazing you are, as a being, as a person, as a contribution to the world, and the value you are, then you could only be happy, you would have no reason for being unhappy.

Happy people realise happiness is a choice. Be the light you want to see in the world, once you shine the world will follow. Are you willing to be the brilliance you truly are? So what are you waiting for? Be it! Choose it!




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