Be mindful at this time of the year!! True Joy or a Mask?

Weekly Inspiration 3(2)

Be mindful at this time of the year!!

As Christmas is coming fast, many people are not as full of joy of the season, the mask you see maybe projecting out joy and happiness. I’ve been there and so I know.

I have lost many people in my life, and I have to say this year is the first year that December has not had me in tears. This year is very different, it is lighter, and I don’t have to pretend to be happy in this month.

This healing does take time, but know if I am speaking to you right now, you will get there. What I would say is remember the past and be grateful for the beautiful times you had but don’t live there, don’t get stuck there. Live in the NOW. If you are here in the now, and not stuck in the past and the what if, you will start to heal and move forward, and even start to smile and feel the joy of life and living again.

And to you that live loving this month, be mindful of those that right now hate and dread this holiday season, because it is full of memories.

I really do hope you will have a very happy holiday,
Ease and Joy x

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