Stress Stress Stress Stress Stress Stress Stress

Feeling your Pulse galloping?

Brow furrowed?

Beads of sweat on the forehead?

Barely able  to breathe?

Is it time to change something?


When the pressures and demands exceed your capabilities, stress and anxiety soon raise their ugly heads. Stress was something I never thought I would ever suffer from or even though I was effected by.  If anything stress made me operate in a more effective manor, especially in work and college, give me a deadline and I worked in the most effective way possible, even without thinking, everything just went into flow, go go go and I was buzzing on it, at work it was like a dance. After years of the same thing stress was not even a word I would use to describe my work, as I enjoyed it.

Then a different stress came into my life, an emotional stress, from worrying about a family member who had become ill, and all that came with this. I had to take leave from my job, and care for her until she passed away. I coped with all that, when I returned to work, my bosses were not very nice, and treated me shockingly. I ended up at my doctors in floods of tears and he just looked at my in surprise as he’d seen me for months, and he saw how i coped in a very stress filling situation. He put be off work, on work related stress, and I remained off for about 18 to 24 months. It was the two  different stresses hitting, like a train crash, they collided and knocked me off the tracks.

There are so many different types of stress, and so many ways of naming them an I’m not even going to try to do that here. We can cope with so much short term stress, but when the short term stress becomes a normal everyday thing, (shall we call it chronic stress ) and we do not address it. The worst thing about chronic stress is that people get used to it. They forget it’s there. They ignore it because it is old, familiar, and sometimes, a place of comfort.  Long term this type of stress can create many physical illness, as well as mental issues. Stress often kills via suicide, violence, heart attack, stroke and even cancer. Most disease is causes by stress, Just look at the word Dis-ease.

So since I fell off the tracks I went on an adventure of self healing and self discovery and when I found something I liked and found it worked I trained in it, I don’t do things by half. I have changed my whole life, I am sitting here, smiling, happy, little or no stress, and how did I get so lucky?

If you would like to step off you need to devise a plan and take some actions which can get you back on track, or at least get you heading in the right direction. Wallowing in despair, spinning in circles will never solve or change what is going on. Reducing  chronic stress is a must, and bringing stress into balance.

Once I started moving in the right direction after six months I saw a big difference after nine months to a year I found myself smiling to myself driving my car all alone for no reason, yes smiling ear to ear, stress free, in total ease and joy.

What have I used, so many things, but what has worked for me, Access Consciousness bars and body work, Energy Healing, Personal Coaching, Dance, and Sound Healing with Tibetan bowls.

Reducing stress addresses a lot more than you may think, so if you are ready to choose this, get in contact.

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