Spinning in circles in pure panic due to inner response to change


Have you ever found yourself spinning in circles, in a panic not knowing what you are going to do in life next?

Something or someone just pulled the rug from under you?

Change is happening and you didn’t see it coming or you ignored it hoping it would pass but now you are in the middle of change and in a pure panic.

You have a choice, but no idea what is the right thing to do?

You have to do something but you do not see a path to take.

All you want to do is roll up and hide from the world.

In the last 10 years I’ve been there a few times!

Three very close bereavements, changing career, moving country, finishing a college degree, looking for employment, work related stress, made redundant, taking care of my terminally ill mother.

Yes, all very challenging times, but there were good things in between, but all of these situations have been a learning opportunity for me. Not that I took it that way when I was in the middle of the situations, but looking back at my ten year roller-coaster of life, I realise that life happens, change happens and many times we have no control over it, (one second of someone else’s life can change your life forever), but we do have control in how we react to the situation we are in, and in how we pick our selfs up and how we move forward.

Our inner response to a situation is key, key to our present and to our future state of mind, and this state of mind is what help form our actual present and future.


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