What lead me to Bio-Energy Healing


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Years ago I did do a Reiki cource but never did anything with it but I had and still have a belief that it is powerful.

During the years after doing the course there was a few times where I knew I could have helped someone but as I did not have the confidence to do the Reiki I ended up feeling a little guilty.

2011, my mother was very ill, and I did everything for her, but again I wished I could do more for her. But she always said I had healing hands, if all they did was make her comfortable I am happy.

After she passed away one of her friend told me about bio-energy, I did not know about it and if I had I would have taken her to see someone.

I decided there and then I have to do this course, I am never going to be in this situation again, knowing I could do more and not been able.

So that is what lead me to study bio-energy.

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